About Cipoletti Consulting

Clearing your path to growth and prosperity.

Since 1994 we have been providing consulting services in a variety of areas. We've assessed businesses and developed plans for growth and sustainability; we've led strategic and business planning processes that resulted in long-term positive results for business organizations; we've worked with organizations building leadership teams and serving in interim C-level leadership roles; we've consulted on fundraising initiatives and raising capital for large and small projects in both the for profit and nonprofit sectors; and we've coached executives in both business and personal growth areas.

We consult with businesses and nonprofit organizations working from the basic principle that businesses seek to build on their unique strengths. We accomplish this through our employed talent and use of a strong pool of affiliated consultants who bring depth and expertise to our work.

Headshot of Wesley Sparkman
“Chris came to the Association of the Miraculous Medal as a consultant to help us streamline our operations. Chris worked diligently to learn the operation before making any recommendations and did not make any recommendations lightly. Chris is very professional and handled all situations professionally and confidentially.

"Chris has a great personality and is very charismatic and enthusiastic. He listens to others and values their opinion and works well as part of a team and is very motivational. It has been a pleasure working with Chris, learning from him and sharing ideas.”

–Wesley Sparkman
CFO at Association of the Miraculous Medal